There is no place for a dark or extremist project.. Here is Saudi Arabia, which is solid, with history and originality

Published - 7 January, 2022
شراء عقار بالبوسنة

Lawyer and legal advisor Ahmed Al-Ashwan explained to “Previously” that the meeting with the Crown Prince confirmed that we are facing a new and ambitious era that has made the Saudi person the source of his wealth and strength to build a civilized and pioneering structure that is based on a legislative structure that enhances citizenship and is based on building the citizen religiously, socially and psychologically.

Counselor “Al-Ashwan” added that the citizen is the center of the vision’s attention and an important element that enhances the direction of the state and the focus of its development through building the Saudi national human being enhanced by the values ​​of Islam and Arabism, and adorned with a long history of originality and culture, which makes him ready to play his role in building and prosperity of this country, and as a contributor in all that is positive for the world; To be a beacon, an example and a role model, endowed with intellectual, religious, social and historical strength.

Al-Ashwan pointed out that this example is as solid as the solidity of the Tuwaiq Mountains, which His Highness the Crown Prince, the godfather of the vision, referred to, to be a clear example of vigor, strength and clarity of the right path, to be a leader of ideas and ambitions that are not tempted by fragile slogans and deceptive flashy headlines, even if they are falsely labeled or misrepresented by religion and Arabism. And for the citizen to be a source of radiance for knowledge and science and an important source of thought in planning and implementing it with vigor and power.

And he indicated that there is no place in the Kingdom except for the Saudi national project, away from obscurantist projects, whether extremist or terrorist, or Arab and socialist projects. And its Islamic and historical heritage, and it develops over time without prejudice to its originality.

Al-Ashwan indicated that the Saudi citizen, as seen by His Highness, the Crown Prince, is setting his sights on the advancement and development of his country to be a difficult figure in the ranks of the developed countries, and what the young and beloved Prince Muhammad bin Salman is doing to make the citizen care about great goals and lofty ideas that strengthened confidence, increased vigor, and took root and increased responsibility. Ambition The dream became a reality through carefully drawn goals and vision and a firm determination to achieve them.

He concluded that what seemed impossible to us yesterday was a tangible reality in reality and a legitimate ambition in the future, which made us proud and proud of the achievements of this country in my record, and we glorify the fruitful results that every Arab citizen wishes to achieve.



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