The office was established with the self-effort of the lawyer / Ahmed Al-Ashwan, according to an innovative vision, the most prominent of which is the serious care of the needs of his clients, and the introduction of modern services that meet the requirements of the large economic sectors and what they require of highly accurate competencies and what they need in speed of achievement, as well as the business sector, and the goal is to build A strong base of trust and commitment with major clients, which we believe your esteemed company is one of the most important of these clients. The office consists of a group of qualified lawyers and legal advisors, whose experience ranges from five to twenty years

Al-Ashwan Law Firm, Legal Consultation, Arbitration and Documentation was established to meet the legal requirements in line with the comprehensive growth witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all aspects of life. These legal requirements have become one of the most important business and investment destinations. Nowadays, our office has become one of the leading law firms in the field of legal work due to its academic and scientific experience in various courts and judicial committees and provides its clients with the best solutions to the most difficult and complex arbitration cases, legal advice and lawsuits in all commercial, industrial and civil fields. The office was able to achieve a good reputation through its team of elite lawyers and highly qualified and experienced consultants, both citizens and foreigners.

Aiming to add value and put its clients on the right track, the office provides its services to a wide range of national companies, branches of international companies, multinational companies, local institutions and individuals, citizens and residents. The office also takes care of the interests of its clients abroad, the office provides legal protection and coverage for its clients from falling into legal error during the implementation of their projects.

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We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services in line with the requirements of our clients, taking into account time factors, the highest standards of quality and transparency, and the practice of successful litigation procedures.