Personal status

When you are looking for a lawyer to divorce, the office of lawyer Ahmed al-Ashwan is the best place to find what you are looking for in all personal and other cases of different types and degrees and in all courts and judicial and quasi-judicial committees


Arbitration and friendly settlements cases

The Office has extensive professional experience in cases before arbitral tribunals, and since friendly settlements are one of the options used by litigants, the Office has a track record of achievements, both domestic and international “institutional” arbitration systems (ICC).


Business issues

1- Issues (liquidation of companies – partner disputes – accounting of the manager)

2. Cases (commercial agencies – commercial fraud cases).

3- Commercial Sales

4 – Supply

5 – Construction projects and infrastructure for projects and commercial and industrial complexes

6 – and all kinds of commercial issues

penal code cases(criminal cases)

1- Self-crimes 2 – crimes of assault on money 3 – money laundering offences 4 – bribery and public service offences



Labor issues

1- Emerging rights and obligations arising from the labor system 2- Emerging rights and obligations arising from the social security system 3 – drafting and regulating the internal regulations of companies and institutions.


Human rights disputes (civil)

1- Judicial guards and liquidation of estates. Possession, ownership and proof of ownership of real estate. 3- The rents, the mortgage and the endowment. Financial rights. 5- Forced execution.


Inheritance and inheritance division issues

Inheritance and legacy issues reflect our legal expertise in the important cases assigned to us. Therefore, we are trustworthy thanks to our experience in dealing with such issues and the accumulation of our experience, which did not come out of the blue or the result of the moment, but is a great record of dealing.


Foreign investment

On behalf of its customers, the Office shall carry out all the legal procedures required to establish and register companies of all kinds and transfer companies with limited liability.


Implementation issues and commercial papers

Collection of debts for all your dealings with third parties, especially financing debts of all kinds, whether personal finance, real estate or car in the event of rights for which you have been proven to be eligible by a final legal ruling or what is being made of categorical arguments that are not subject to appeal


Administrative issues

1- Repeal administrative decisions issued by government agencies. Compensation against government agencies on the occasion of and because of the practice of their work. Government contracts. Expropriation of public benefit. Disciplinary cases.


Medical error issues


The office of lawyer Ahmed al-Aswan law and legal counsel defends individuals and patients who have been affected by hospitals, clinics, doctors or medical staff we file cases and follow up until the damage is compensated and the victim is punished before the Shariah Medical Committee


Fees assessment issues

The office of the lawyer Ahmed al-Aswan shall defend and free the regulations and defend the individuals and companies who are entitled to the amounts of the fees of the lawyers of the defendant (the opponent) and thank God we are fully aware of this type of cases and we are assigned by the courts to determine and estimate the fees for individuals and companies as well as law firms


Endowments issues

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Aswan’s office is defending all kinds of waqf cases and thank God we have enough experience to deal with these cases of all kinds

Media issues

The office of lawyer Ahmed Al-Aswan law and legal advice defends before the courts individuals, institutions and companies and writes regulations in specialized cases in the media in all media and social networking and also raises lawsuits about the victims and we have sufficient experience in this field and thank God


Traffic issues

The office of the lawyer Ahmed al-Aswan is responsible for defending, defending and following up all those affected by traffic accidents in all courts and police stations so that the victim is compensated and his right is taken and all those who cause harm to individuals are punished.

Electronic documentation

Now you can document your transactions at all times of the day inside and outside the Kingdom and on official holidays without going to write justice – issuing and dissolving agencies – proving your religion on a person with a certified instrument – emptying real estate in addition to all kinds of electronic documentation transactions


Insurance issues

Pleading in court for cases against compensation insurance companies and others.


Tax issues

Issues of objection to assessment or tax linkage decisions.


Banking issues

1- Facilities and bank loans. The bank’s responsibility for the work of its employees.


Economic issues

1. Issues of manipulation and speculation of shares. 2. Issues of violation of disclosure and transparency controls for joint stock companies listed on the financial market 3. Competition issues and monopolistic practices (including dominance and monopoly practices, market division, exclusion of competitors, etc.


Football issues

To plead before the Disciplinary Committee, or in front of the Football Dispute Resolution Chamber (formerly the Professional Committee) in Saudi Arabia.


Audit and review of contracts

Study and draft contracts and agreements of all kinds civil, commercial and administrative, review them, enter into their negotiations and requirements and provide advice on them.


Preparing and drafting contracts for the establishment of companies of all kinds and follow-up to the direct legal procedures necessary to establish and register them including a month and amend the establishment contracts and then extract their commercial records as well as take all the necessary legal procedures for the mergers and liquidation of companies and provide legal advice related to the establishment and registration of companies and provide legal opinion

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