State security trials guarantee defendants their rights despite the heinousness of their crime

Published - 7 February, 2022

A number of specialists confirmed that the trials of the groups who were deceived and lost the right way, which made them betray their country and its people. Despite this, their trials are conducted according to the regulations that protect their rights and guarantee them the right to plead and defend the charges presented against them, beginning with the case presentation session, until effective judgments are issued against them.
Lawyer Ahmed Al-Ashwan believes that this trial is one of the most important and most accurate trials in the history of the Kingdom, as it was characterized by high transparency and openness during the conduct of investigations and during court sessions, and providing all guarantees for the accused from the appointment of lawyers, the presence of relatives, and the publicity of the trial.
He said that the right of the accused to object to the judgments and to have the appeal reviewed for these judgments makes the Kingdom a model of justice and its judiciary an example to be followed, even though the heinous acts committed by the accused were represented by betraying the homeland and compromising its security and communication with hostile parties and divulging secrets that affect the economy and security of the country. Pointing out that the judicial rulings in the Kingdom in all types of cases are distinguished by justice, fairness and scrutiny, and not to put all the accused in one box.
He explained that from the reality of dealing in such cases, there is transparency in the trials, and everything related to the issues related to the accused in terrorism cases in the Kingdom, noting that the Kingdom has allocated a special budget to bear the costs of pleading for the accused who are unable to pay the cost of attorneys’ fees to defend them.


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