The death penalty awaits the traitor soldier

Published - 7 February, 2022
شراء عقار بالبوسنة

Murder as a punishment, the punishment for the traitorous soldier Salah Ali Ayed Al-Dair Al-Shahrani, who turned himself into betraying the trust, and treachery against his colleagues with all lowliness and contempt.


This was due to the dictates of the criminal currency, as he facilitated the entry of the suicide bomber Youssef Suleiman Abdullah Al-Sulaiman, wearing an explosive belt, to the headquarters of the emergency force in the area

Asir, to blow himself up among the worshipers inside the mosque, and the cowardly attack resulted in the death of 15 people, 5 members of the emergency forces, and 6 trained soldiers,

In addition to 4 workers on the site.

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Ashwan confirmed to Al-Watan that the traitorous soldier who facilitated a terrorist attack targeted worshipers in the Emergency Force Command Mosque in Asir, and resulted in

The martyrdom of 15 security men and workers, which is considered a criminal act according to Sharia and law, and falls under the treachery of religion and the homeland, and treachery against colleagues in the field.

He deserves to be harsher in punishment in his right to be a lesson to those who come after him, and based on the foregoing, he is punished with two penalties: First, the legal judicial ruling for causing the killing of innocents.

And assistance in that and betrayal of the homeland and religion, by death as a punishment.

As for the second punishment, a military punishment according to the Saudi military penal system, according to Article twenty-four by referring it to the Disciplinary Council.

as well as the article

Twenty-six. Lawyer Al-Ashwan added by saying, “Loving the homeland and loyalty has a human instinct and instinct, and therefore the homeland was prioritized over self and money.

Defending him is testimony, and the offense of his treachery grows accordingly, and what grieves every patriot citizen.”



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