Referring price manipulators to court (Al-Watan Newspaper)

Published - 7 February, 2022

From an article in Al-Watan newspaper:

Lawyer and legal advisor Ahmed Al-Ashwan confirmed that the penalties contained in Article 19 of the “Competition Law”, which stipulates the imposition of a fine not exceeding (10%) of the total value of the annual sales subject of the violation, or not exceeding 10 million riyals when it is impossible to estimate annual sales, apply. On cases of exploiting temporary repercussions, global events, or exceptional data in order to carry out artificial practices that create an incorrect and misleading impression, and suggest an unrealistic deficit regarding goods or services in order to control prices, in light of these exceptional circumstances that require everyone to unite in order to protect the homeland and preserve its capabilities. Far from taking advantage of the immoral opportunities that improper gain and mislead public opinion.

Link to the article from Al-Watan newspaper: From Here



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