Al-Ashwan: I advise young people to study Law .. Riyadh alone needs 12,000

Published - 7 February, 2022

The National Social Development Committee in Al-Nazim and Al-Janadriyah held the second neighborhood diwaniya evening, which comes during the blessed month of Ramadan, which hosted the lawyer Ahmed Al-Ashwan, who told his experience and his success story, how he transformed from the teaching profession to the legal profession, and the turning points in his life.

During the evening, which was presented by the media, Yasser Al-Muslim, and attended by a number of people interested in the biographies and stories of the successful, Al-Ashwan explained that the beginnings were not easy, nor were they difficult. He started his studies in Kuwait until high school, and finished it with distinction. Then he moved to Al-Imam University in Riyadh, and this transfer would be a turning point in his life.

He added by saying: I studied at the College of Sharia, in which judges graduate, and you can imagine who came to this college and did not differentiate between monotheism and jurisprudence because of studying in Kuwait. Also, how can someone who does not know inversion and intonation and is asked to memorize the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik be; What made it a challenge to him.. and he succeeded in this challenge.

He indicated that he was able to excel in the study; He was among the six students who got a very good grade; He was nominated to the judiciary, but he chose to go to the education field, and he did not know that he would return to the judiciary again, but through another portal, which is the legal profession. Certainly, accompanying good people and respecting those who oppose you in thought are two of the secrets of success.

He mentioned that in the year 1416 AH, during the reign of King Fahd – may God have mercy on him – the Saudi legal system was issued, and this was another turning point for him. He completed a master’s degree in law; He applied for a lawyer’s license and was approved. He worked in cooperation with a number of lawyers’ offices until he became independent; To establish his own legal consultancy office; He resigns from the teaching profession after 16 years in it, and obtains a certified arbitrator’s license; And opens more than one branch of his office.

Al-Ashwan stated that he used to write all the petitions himself, and review them himself. He advised young aspirants to turn to the legal profession, as there is a shortage of lawyers at the present time. The number of licensed lawyers currently does not exceed 5,000 lawyers in Saudi Arabia, at a time when Riyadh alone needs 12,000 lawyers.

In addition, a draw took place in the Ramadan competition for three winners, sponsored by Midad Al Bayan Educational Schools, as well as honoring the distinguished employees of the committee, namely: Tammam Al-Enezi, Mardi Al-Ani and Omar Odeeb. As well as the infantry team Al-Nazim, and the media Abdullah Al-Ali.


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