Beware when buying a property in “Bosnia”… You are not the real owner and it is under foreclosure and confiscation!

Published - 7 January, 2022
شراء عقار بالبوسنة

A lawyer and legal advisor warned against investing and buying land and real estate in foreign countries, especially Asian and European countries, before making sure that you are the real owner of this land, farm or property and not through an intermediary or otherwise; In order not to be a target of thieves and real estate investment gangs abroad.

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Ashwan told “Previously” about his personal experience in investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, indicating that the picturesque landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, green meadows, and the kindness of its people hide many secrets that need to be discovered; So that the Saudi and Gulf citizen does not fall victim to exploitation, fraud and fraud, when he discovers that he is not actually the owner of this property that he bought, and his money may go to no return, according to Bosnian law!

He added that what attracts you most about visiting Bosnia is the huge amount of real estate companies owned by Gulf and Arab owners that promote the purchase of land in it through several ways, including the influencers of social media platforms, and out of legal curiosity, they toured most of their areas to learn about the Bosnian law existing in ownership and property registration.

Al-Ashwan stated that he did not find an “answer” or a “guide” despite the relentless efforts to find a legal ground to base on it to satisfy urgent inquiries to be a convincing aid for those who want legal advice and advice emanating from the Bosnian law and its annexes, and because he wants to stand with his information from a legal reference and does not settle for opinions. common among people.

He added that he found what he wanted through some Arab lawyers who studied Bosnian law and those in charge of legal translation into our Arabic language, so that we could understand and understand the legal terms and their range away from any literal translation, and through these lawyers and by meeting with Bosnian lawyers to find out the real practices of the Bosnian regime in their courts, Article 15, Article 16 and Article 53 are all discussed; Where these materials are concerned with the ownership and registration system according to the Bosnian system.

And he indicated that the great surprise and disaster was through practices pursued by most real estate companies that do not comply with Bosnian law and its practices on the ground, and that there is never direct ownership of individuals, especially with regard to the Gulf individual according to Bosnian law, which adopts the principle of reciprocity, and therefore no It is necessary to resort to a company based in Bosnia, which mostly bears the Gulf or Arab identity to register the property, and here lies the danger because this property is the property of the company and you have no capacity based on the law or the suspicion of ownership.

Al-Ashwan indicated that the severity lies in the practices, and some consider them as guarantees of individual ownership, either out of ignorance or deliberately for the sake of marketing, unfortunately, are incorrect, and do not protect individuals in the event of a dispute over the ownership of this property, and what happens is a paper attestation from a notary or notary They have no legal value to protect its owner in the event of a dispute before the Bosnian courts.

And he indicated that according to this capacity, the owner of the company can mortgage these lands and homes and take a corresponding financing for them, and in the event of non-payment or default, they are seized, thus canceling the ownership of individuals because it is the property of the company only before Bosnian law.

The lawyer and legal advisor set another example that has applications in Bosnian law; In the event that the owner of the company marries a Bosnian woman and a dispute occurs between them and may reach a state of divorce, then she takes half the property of the owner of the company that emanates from the period between the time of marriage and the state of divorce, and all his property is seized until the end of the case, including the property of individuals registered with the company, and so on. Lots of examples!

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Ashwan recommended not to buy land in Bosnia without being able to verify the credibility of the contract when buying it and the accompanying papers that are suitable for habitation through real estate and legal specialists, and to beware of registering any property in any case, no matter how much trust in any company, unless you establish the private company owned by you personally. Or at least with partners.


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