Al-Ashwan: The evidence system will create a safe environment for commercial transactions and the flow of foreign investments

Published - 7 January, 2022
شراء عقار بالبوسنة

Lawyer and legal advisor Ahmed Al-Ashwan confirmed to “Previously” that the evidence system will reflect positively on commercial transactions, reduce overcrowding of cases in the courts, and enhance the quality of judgments, which contributes to achieving a qualitative leap for the legislative system and serves to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

He added that the evidence system project will contribute to establishing rights in both civil and commercial transactions; It will reflect positively on ensuring the safety and stability of individuals’ transactions and the business environment in the short and long term.

Al-Ashwan noted that the evidence system is a qualitative leap, and it is a result of what Prince Mohammed bin Salman aspires to develop and establish rights, which will reflect positively on commercial transactions and the flow of foreign investments.

He indicated that, on the other hand, it reduces the number of cases brought before the courts and enables the quality of judgments, which in turn complements the Kingdom’s leadership and its regional and global role.

It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proceeding according to serious steps in recent years towards developing the legislative environment, through the development and reform of systems that preserve rights, consolidate principles of justice and transparency, protect human rights, achieve comprehensive development, and enhance the Kingdom’s global competitiveness through clear and specific institutional, procedural and objective references.

His Highness, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God preserve him, affirmed that the draft personal status system, whose study is being completed, is one of four systems projects that the relevant authorities are working on preparing.


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