Al-Ashwan to “Sabk”: Saudi Arabia guarantees the rights of “tourists” and protects their personal freedoms according to the system

Published - 26 January, 2022
شراء عقار بالبوسنة

Lawyer and legal advisor Ahmed Al-Ashwan explained to “Sabk” that the rights of foreigners in Saudi Arabia are guaranteed in the system and penal procedures, whether those who come to work, worship, or tourism, and others, according to an integrated legislative environment, take all their rights and give their duties.

He added that the individual harassment cases belong to a small group deviating from the behavior of the Saudi society, which was raised with respect and appreciation for the individual and society, and even against these behaviors as a whole.

He pointed out that the state – may God protect it – established this concept through the teachings of the Islamic religion, by enacting laws compatible with it, including the enactment of harassment laws that included strict penalties to protect the freedom of the individual and society, and to deter anyone who tempted himself to violate any of these freedoms, whether A word, hint, or verb.

He said that the penalties included imprisonment for no less than five years, and in aggravated cases, it may increase to ten years, such as harassment of tourists, and violation of any of their rights and freedoms, as well as in addition to the penalty for defaming the harasser, an increase in the preservation of society and the preservation of the rights of its members; For the society to be safe and respectful of the rights of its members.

Al-Ashwan showed that any transgression of these rights would have the owner subjected himself to severe penalties that would – by God’s help – end such abnormal and strange manifestations on any Muslim society, so how about a society that applied the Sharia, and learned from its teachings, such as the Saudi society that fights and rejects these individual behaviors that do not represent it Despite her sayings.

It is worth noting that Saudi Arabia encourages the tourism sector within the framework of an ambitious program aimed at diversifying the country’s economy sources in accordance with “Vision 2030”. Saudi Arabia wants to attract foreign investment in the tourism sector; It wants the sector’s revenues to rise to 10 percent of GDP by 2030.


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