Mohamed Saed Bleez - Egyptian

Legal Counsel Researcher Ph.D. Master of Law

Mohamed Saed Bleez

(for more than 17 years) legal experience
Scientific qualifications:
Experienced legal adviser, senior legal adviser, leading law firm, and a long record of over 17 years in the legal field, a

Ph.D. Researcher: Cairo University School of Law, 2018 (administrative proceedings).

Ll.M.: Alexandria University 2014: 2018.

Ll.B.: Alexandria University 1999: 2003

Career experiences:
Commercial disputes

Civil disputes

  • -:The most important issues that have been initiated
  • Successful resolution of a complex contracting dispute in Saudi Arabia, in favor of a giant Chinese contracting company
  • Successful resolution of a dispute over the proof of quotas for one of the Saudi contracting giants
  • Success in a major lawsuit against the monopolistic practices of one of the world’s largest companies engaged in the electrical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • He won a high-value, branching and difficult inheritance suit worth more than $100 million, for a high-level client and was published in saudi daily newspapers.
  • Win a complex arbitration case over a claim for professional fees for a financial advisory office against a saudi arabia giant and judge the consulting office for its fees for its work by rescheduling bank debts.
  • Win several cases in favor of football players in the Saudi League, including a case worth SAR 14 million against a large football club in Saudi Arabia.
  • Success in overturning Pat’s ruling in a huge contracting case and accepting the applications of our client (a leading mining company), before the Court of Appeal, Saudi Arabia, on the implementation of engineering work for a project worth more than 150 million Saudi riyals.
  • A successful review of an administrative disciplinary case for a financial advisory office and a global auditor (of the world’s big four), with a procedural gap before the Supreme Administrative Court that occurred for the first time in the Kingdom.
  • Dealing with the issue of money laundering by appealing its ruling to the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia.
  • Success in a case against the Secretariat of Jeddah for compensation for a famous shopping mall in Saudi Arabia and published in the daily newspapers.
  • Success in issuing a ruling rejecting a suit of dislocation against a respected figure and meeting of the Court of Personal
  • Status in Saudi Arabia to discuss the reasons given to her and then accept it and reject the suit of dislocation in a judicial precedent considered the first in Saudi Arabia and possibly in the Arab world.
  • He rejected a divorce suit against a respected figure based in Britain and the division of property set up by one of the women against her husband with a procedural loophole.
    Active participation in several cases of liquidation and accountability of the director of Saudi and Gulf companies.
  • Active participation in a difficult business case, and success in overturning the decision of the majority of partners to liquidate the company – nationality (European) – against Saudi partners where the decision was overturned and the company continues to have a legal loophole
  • Active participation in the success of a case related to the proof of a commercial agency, and the issuance of a ruling in favor of our client a global European company working in the field of food in Saudi Arabia.
    It has succeeded in dealing with the registration of many companies, including in the field of medicines in Saudi Arabia.
  • Participation in the privatization program in Saudi Arabia
  • In addition: dozens of other successful cases and consultancies during nearly 17 years of experience, whether tax, commercial, banking, civil or labor… Etc., for oil, commercial or medical companies “hospitals”, and other clients.