Ahmed Al , Ashwan - Saudi

Founder of the Group

Ahmed Al , Ashwan

  • He received his Bachelor of Sharia from Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University in 1413 Hijri
  • .Supervised the collection of the rights and extracts of Eligibility or government institutions
  • .Master of Business Law and Arbitration with Honors in 2009
  • .He holds a license to practice law in Saudi Arabia under license No. 31/5
  • .He has received a certificate of  in Saudi Arabia since 1439 Hijri
  • Arbitrator at the Commercial Arbitration Center of the Gulf Cooperation Council (MEMBERSHIP: 1004)
  • Accredited arbitrator at the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia Member of the Arab Bar Association
  • He has overseen many arbitration cases inside and outside Saudi Arabia
  • Many provisions (labor, commercial- administrative rights) have been completed in the judiciary in Saudi Arabia
  • Drafting different types of contracts and advising on legal amendments as agents of many major international and local companies
  • Co-counseling on the property, its agreements and related issues.
  • Supervising the establishment and modification of contracts of all kinds in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the
  • General Investment Authority.
  • Filing claims and pursuing all INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY issues (patents and trademarks).
  • He has long practical experience in litigation, litigation, sentencing and filing before all jurisdictions for more than 15 years.
  • He has provided successful consultations in all areas such as sharia, commercial, administrative, labor, inheritance
  • liquidation, receivership, contracts and agreements between parties) for companies or individuals.
  • Participated in many scientific courses, meetings and seminars in visual media and local or legal daily newspapers.
  • Participated in many local and international conferences on the development of litigation systems, ways to combat crime, and the development of commercial legal systems.
  • He has registered many brands inside and outside the Kingdom and all related matters (transfer of ownership, license and renewal).
  • Register some patents within Saudi Arabia and within the Gulf states.
  • He has registered many industrial models in Saudi Arabia.
  • He has registered several commercial agencies within Saudi Arabia.